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STARS Realignment & Discovery Project

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The "ownership" of STARS was taken over by Internal Audit and Institutional Compliance (IAIC) in late 2007, and is now transitioning back to Human Resources (HR) in January 2012. The ELM (STARS) management team has implemented several enhancements to the native Oracle/PeopleSoft ELM system to improve, correct the delivered functionality, and to modify the system to meet Stanford's business requirements. Many of the enhancements and modifications primarily met the needs of the compliance training organizations.  


Project Objectives

To assist in a smooth transition in both, "system ownership," and operational focus to more closely meet organizational learning and development requirements in addition to compliance training. We have engaged an external consultant, Bersin & Associates, to assist us in defining both, the University’s and local training organization’s needs and business requirements. We feel it is important, especially at this key juncture, to reevaluate the future vision and strategies for the Enterprise Learning Management solution. 

The primary objectives of this Discovery Project include:

  • Create a charter for what the ELM will do in the future by defining business requirements
  • Conduct a gap analysis of current and planned STARS capability against identified needs (including usability factors), and build a priority-based plan to meet those needs (which may include replacement of the system)
  • Build governance model to ensure that all stakeholders and owners have transparent process for defining needs and measuring success
  • Support the move of the University’s ELM from the existing compliance orientation and ownership to a broader charter and HR
  • Identify an appropriate service model for ELM administration and management


Project FAQs

Who is leading the project?
The project is jointly led by HR and IAIC, and includes involvement from key STARS customers - the training business owners and local training organizations. 

Who is Bersin & Associates?
Bersin & Associates (www.bersin.com) is Industry’s primary research firm focused on What Works® in enterprise learning and talent management and experienced helping organizations identify and solve complex talent challenges in system selection, organization structure and process including engagements with organizations in industries such as transportation, consumer products, manufacturing, and professional services. Additionally, their extensive research and analysis of data from companies and institutions all over the globe in virtually every segment of business, government, and education lends us perspective and an ability to distill best practices quickly, and adapt it to "what works" in organizations.

What is the duration of the project?
The project started at the end of October 2011, and is expected to reach conclusion in late January 2012.


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