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STARS Manager Self-Service (MSS)

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Manager Self-Service enables Managers and Supervisors to view the STARS Learning Records of their direct reports and of those within the organization tree below them. Managers can view Learning Records for individual staff members or for their entire Team. Managers may add recommended training to the Learning Plans, and view the Certification Status, of anyone in their organization tree.
Managers will also receive copies of Notifications for Certification Completions, Warnings and Expirations of their direct reports.


How does STARS determine if I am a Manager or Supervisor?
STARS defines a "Manager" as the "Reports to" person listed in employees' PeopleSoft HR job record (the same structure used for Axess Timecard reporting).

Who does STARS consider my Direct Reports?
Your direct reports are the same employees' whose Timecards you approve in Axess.

Can I enroll my staff directly into Training Courses?
No. You can only add training to a staff member(s) Training Plans. The staff member is responsible for the actual enrollment into the planned training course(s) from their STARS "My Learning" page.

Can I remove Training Courses from staffs' Learning Plans and Activities?
No. You cannot remove existing training courses from staff member(s) Training Records.

I am not receiving eMail Notifications of my staffs' Certification activities
Please be sure your University email address available to STARS from Stanford.Who. Your University email must be correctly listed in StanfordYou (https://stanfordyou.stanford.edu) and your address is not marked as “private.”
In addition, please be sure that your email filters will allow STARS eMail Notifications to reach your in-box from "STARS_ADMIN@stanford.edu."

What happens if I can see the Managers link in STARS, but cannot open the page?
Most likely there is a mismatch between your PeopleSoft HR and STARS profiles. Please file a HelpSU request for assistance in reconciling your PeopleSoft HR & STARS security profiles.

I can open the MSS page and see my Direct Reports, however the table columns do not line up.
Please be sure you are using an Oracle/PeopleSoft supported browser. Some non-supported browsers result in irregular page displays. Please see Axess Tips for additional information regarding supported Browsers and using the University's Axess PeopleSoft portal, in general.

Please use the HelpSU link to request assistance with technical problems.


STARS MSS Tutorials

The following Job Aids are designed to assist you in learning how-to-use MSS:


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